mba in australia for indian students

MBA in Australia for Indian Students in 2022

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For Indian students, Australia is one of the top study locations. According to the QS rating, Australia is one of the top five study locations for Indian students seeking an MBA abroad. For foreign students, Australia is one of the most sought-after study locations. Australia is a popular study location among indian students due to its high-quality education, advanced research possibilities, and promising employment prospects.

It has many elite educational institutions and universities. Indian students can pursue their MBA in Australia from universities like the University of Melbourne, Monash University, and Victoria University. AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS accreditation is held by all Australian business schools. Thus, pursuing an MBA in Australia is the perfect step for Indian students looking to grow their careers.

Why pursue MBA In Australia?

Given the international prominence of the Australian MBA course structure and colleges, MBA in Australia for Indian students has become a popular idea. In general, there is a predetermined set of variables that must be considered before deciding to pursue an MBA. This should be divided down into destinations, institutions, specializations, tuition costs, living expenses, and financial help, among other things.

Here are some of the reasons why it is an excellent destination to get an MBA:

  • Australia is one of the leading destinations for Indian students to graduate. As for the QS list, it is one of the top five research destinations for foreign students who want to pursue an MBA abroad.
  • It also offers MBA practitioners a head start in their careers. MBA graduates are being welcomed by companies in high-paying industries such as technology, finance, consulting, and marketing.
  • It is an appealing alternative for students because of its low cost.
  • The cultural variety among Australian university students makes it a popular venue for Indian students to get an MBA.

Why study in Australia?

Top institutions, magnificent wildlife, dynamic towns, and multiple oceans are just a few of the reasons why many Indian students choose Australia to study. Although studying abroad might be intimidating, the benefits in terms of academic and personal growth can be enormous.

Mentioned below are some reasons why one should study in Australia:

Enjoy the flora and fauna

Australia has a diverse range of flora and fauna. From Kangaroos to Koalas, it is home to a lot of exotic animal species. Indian students who are thinking of pursuing their MBA in Australia will be delighted to stay in this beautiful country that is one with nature. 

Myriad of Culture

The society of Australia is a melting pot of different cultures. The population of Australia is made up of people of various nationalities and religions. Imagine studying in an environment like that, Studying in Australia will teach students acceptance and compassion. 

Career growth 

Australia has an abundance of work opportunities that can help students grow their careers. International students can even choose to stay back in Australia after graduating by applying for a Temporary Graduate Visa.

Work and study at the same time

Australia is one of the few countries which allows international students to work while studying. Students are allowed to work for up to 20 hours per week. This allows students to earn extra coins on the side to offset living costs. 

Types of MBA in Australia

Australia provides MBA degrees in the following types to their international students:

  • Full-time MBA
  • Executive MBA
  • Distance Learning MBA

Popular MBA courses in Australia

For Indian students, there is a range of MBA choices offered at Australian universities.
The following is a list of some well-known MBA programmes:

MBA in Media ManagementMBA in HRMBA in Agribusiness
MBA in BankingMBA in International BusinessMBA in Productions
MBA in Information TechnologyMBA in Interior DesigningMBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
MBA Healthcare ManagementMBA OperationsMBA in Agriculture
MBA in Insurance & Risk ManagementMBA in CommunicationMBA in Airport Management
MBA in LogisticsMBA in Aviation ManagementMBA in Pharmaceutical Management
MBA in EntrepreneurshipMBA in Data AnalyticsMBA in Computer Science

Top MBA programs in Australia 

Following is the list of top MBA programs you can pursue from Australia:

  • Full-Time MBA Program (Melbourne Business School) 

The full-time MBA program from the Melbourne Business School of the University of Melbourne is one of the top-ranked MBA programs in Australia. It was ranked first on the QS 2022 rankings. The program is designed for maximum impact and career growth. Students can choose to study for two years or opt for the fast-track MBA program. 

  • Full-time MBA Program (Monash Business School)

The full-time MBA program of Monash Business School is a two-year on-campus program aimed towards developing the leadership skills of the students. The program is geared towards professionals with more than three years of work experience. The program gives importance to diversity and students from various economic and social backgrounds are accepted. 

  • MBA Programs (Macquarie School of Graduate Management)

The Macquarie School of Graduate Management offers an MBA and Global MBA Program. To International students, the MBA program is offered, although other management courses like Masters of Management and Master of Social Entrepreneurship are also available. The MBA program is designed to empower managers and prepare students for the global world.

  • MBA (Professionals) Program (Victoria University)

The MBA program from Victoria University is a program that grooms students to take on management and senior management roles. It was given a rating of Tier One on CEO Magazine’s 2019 Global Rankings. Students are encouraged to develop special skills. The program fosters innovation, critical thinking, and creativity in the students. 

MBA colleges in Australia for Indian students

Australia has more than 40 universities, including two International and one private speciality university. Students looking to pursue their MBA from Australia can choose from these universities which provide top-quality education.

Let’s take a look at the top MBA universities in Australia.

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MBA Fees in Australia for Indian Students

The fees for MBA programs in Australia for Indian students vary depending on the program and university chosen. Compared to the fees of the MBA programs in India, MBA programs in Australia are relatively expensive, but the quality of the education provided makes it worth it. Here are the fees for some of the MBA programs in Australia for Indian students.

According to mbanews.com, the cost of MBA in Australia has risen by 5.6 per cent from 2017 to 2018. Therefore, always consider multiple factors that add to the cost of the project work, such as course fees, lodging, travel expenses and study. Subsequent to expanding from $44,200 in 2015 to $44,866 in 2016 and $47,500 in 2017 the normal MBA for full charge paying local understudies expanded more than $2,500 in 2018.

Here’s a list of best MBA colleges in Australia fee:

University Name Fee
University of Sydney Business School$97,500
University of New South Wales (AGSM)$87,820
Melbourne University (MBS)$85,470
University of New South Wales (AGSM)$84,135
Macquarie University (MGSM)$80,000
University of Sydney Business School$75,000.00
University of Western Australia$73,500
Curtin University$71,200
Monash University$65,600
University of Technology Sydney$62,784.00
University of Adelaide$60,000
QUT Business School$57,600.00
University of New South Wales (AGSM)$56,520
Bond University$56,373.00

Eligibility For MBA In Australia For Indian students

There are several requirements a student must meet to be eligible for the MBA programs in Australia. For Indian and international students, a good GMAT/GRE score is a must, and work experience is required too.

Some of the basic eligibility requirements for MBA to get admission in Australia for Indian students are as follows:

  • Bachelor’s degree: Applicants must have completed a Bachelor’s degree in any field from a recognized university.
  • English profficiency: Students need to get a good IELTS or TOEFL score to get an Australian visa. Students from non-native English-speaking countries need to demonstrate their English-speaking skills in order to be admitted to the university.
  • Job experience: While it is not necessary nor has at least two-three years of work experience, it certainly appears to be beneficial for candidates. Many universities offer preference to applicants with 2-3 years of work experience in their profession.
  • GMAT: Most Australian universities and colleges recognise GMAT ratings for entry to the MBA programme. A good GMAT (Graduate Management Entry Test) score is expected to join the top university to pursue an MBA. However, the average GMAT score for entry to an Australian university is 590.

Apart from this, there are very few universities in Australia that need GMAT, since they rely mainly on the candidate’s realistic (work) background. Australian institutions are requiring that applicants retain continuity in their academic history and receive high scores in all high school and bachelor degree programs. Criteria for eligibility vary from university to university.

Universities can be divided into three major groups, based on their admission requirements:

Class 1: These colleges need applicants to have a strong GMAT score, a high degree of work experience, and an IELTS score as a necessary prerequisite.
Class 2: These colleges need applicants to have either a strong GMAT score or job experience and an IELTS score.
Class 3: In this category, colleges offer admission only on the basis of student academic scores and IELTS scores.

Cost Of MBA In Australia For Indian Students

The average annual cost of living for an Indian student pursuing an MBA is 21,041 AUD. The cost of living for Indian students depends on their lifestyle. Aside from the course tuition price, there are other conditions that must be met.

Mentioned below are the average expenses that you will spend:

  • Hostels and rentals: avg. of 100 AUD per week
  • Boarding school: between 11,000 AUD and 22,000 AUD 
  • Food and beverages: avg. of 150 AUD per week
  • Public Transport: Between 30 AUD and 60 AUD 
  • Entertainment and other lifestyle costs: Upwards of 80 AUD
  • Utilities: around 200 AUD a month
  • Internet: 70-120 AUD per month
  • Health insurance: premiums start at 30 AUD a month
  • Groceries: 500–1,000 AUD each month
  • Books and other sample materials: between 500 and 1000 AUD a year

Check the average budget you’ll need for some of Australia’s most popular student cities:

  • Sydney: starting at 1,900 AUD a month
  • Adelaide: beginning at 1,300 AUD per month
  • Brisbane: beginning at 1,400 AUD a month
  • Melbourne: starting at 1,500 AUD a month
  • Canberra: beginning at 1,400 AUD a month

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MBA in Australia Intake for Indian students

When it comes to MBA in Australia for Indian students, there are primarily three stages of admissions in Australia during the year. They are as follows:

  • February
  • July
  • November

The students should start their application process at least 6 months prior, as the acceptance rate of most universities is very low.

MBA in Australia Scholarships for Indian students 

There are plenty of scholarships available for those looking to pursue an MBA in Australia. We have listed some of these scholarships below. Please note that all of them have several requirements a student must meet to be eligible for them. 

  • Kraft Heinz Scholarship (University of Melbourne) – 31,000 AUD
  • Monash MBA International Women in Leadership Scholarship (Monash University) – 17,000 AUD approximately
  • Adelaide MBA Scholarship (University of Adelaide) – Portion of tuition fee 
  • Macquarie University India Scholarship (Macquarie University) – Tuition fee waiver 
  • UOW Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship (Sydney Business School) – Portion of tuition fee

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MBA in Australia Jobs

After completing their MBA from Australia, students are offered better opportunities. From mid-level management roles to senior-level management roles, MBA degree holders have an edge over the others. Australia is one of the leading countries that offer MBA degree holders high salaries and perks. The Average Salary Survey shows that individuals with an MBA degree earn around 182,000 AUD per annum.  

Let’s take a look at the positions which offer MBA holders high salaries and perks. 

  • Consultants/Financial Consultants
  • Operations Manager
  • General Manager
  • Planning Manager
  • Project Manager

MBA in Australia Without Work Experience

Australia allows students to pursue an MBA degree without having any prior work experience. Australia is unique, beloved by understudies from all over the globe, for its wonderful instructional structure and a quality framework that guarantees the simple best. There are a variety of reasons why someone would choose to pursue an MBA in Australia.

Some notable Australian colleges do acknowledge understudies who have lesser work experience or no work experience in their MBA programs. Truth be told, some Australian colleges even offer two renditions of the program – the ‘Executive MBA’ for hopefuls who have critical work involvement and a non-Executive MBA for different understudies. You should discover answers for genuine business issues while working with numerous individuals from various foundations, planning plans and consulting with different partners. This is a unique path for you to get a vibe of how things happen in a real workplace. It is likewise an extraordinary lift to your resume and an angle you can feature in your future prospective employee meetings.

The confirmation necessities change from college to college. The imprints that you have anchored in your college degree will be the most essential criteria in many colleges.

A few colleges will think about a mix of components. For example, low checks in your Bachelor’s certificate can be offset by a decent GMAT score. The qualification criteria for the MBA program at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is a decent case of this. It plainly expresses that understudies need a GPA of 2.75 OR get the required GMAT score OR have at least 4 years of work understanding.

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MBA in Australia VISA

All international students, including Indian students, are required to apply for a visa to enter Australia. The visa issued to students is a student visa, while those who do internships or attend post-study training are issued a work visa. The processing time and application fee for both of them vary depending on the subtype. 

Let’s talk about work visas and student visas in detail.

Work Visa 

The website of the Department of Home Affairs of Australia specifies the requirements of obtaining a work visa. Highly skilled professionals, students participating in the Student Exchange program, individuals attending post-work training, etc, are some of the groups of people who are issued work visas. Work visa has many types such as training visa, research activities visa, temporary graduate visa, etc. 

Student Visa

A Student Visa allows a student to pursue an education program in Australia. It allows students to stay in the country for up to five years. A student must be enrolled in a full-time course in a recognized university/college to be eligible for a student visa. 

Executive MBA in Australia

Executive MBA, or EMBA, is an alumni scholastic degree in business administration outlined particularly to work business professionals and senior executives. Executive MBA thinks about giving an abnormal state of attractive information and abilities inside the business segment, with a high level of specialization. The attributes of EMBA degrees incorporate adaptability, a shorter report term and a concentration towards more connected learning. Business professionals normally pursue executive investigations with the end goal to propel their business insight, higher administration positions, and also compensation increments.

Executive MBA degrees are among the most costly scholarly projects, yet are often financed by bosses. Business schools and universities offer both in-class and online courses and give different bleeding edge fixations. EMBAs in corporate investigations in back, showcasing, procedure, activities administration, human asset administration, data innovation, business enterprise and some more. Graduates get exceptionally specific information and attractive aptitudes especially esteemed by real bosses.

An EMBA in Australia won’t just improve your current vocation, yet it can likewise help you on the way of another vocation as you begin your master professional zone and move into the positions of senior business administration.

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How much does the MBA thesis in Australia cost?

Ans. Australian MBA Fees Top $58,000 in 2020. The average regular MBA fees in Australia rose by about 2% from 2018 to 2019, with the average package currently costing about $58,384, up from 54,140 last year.

Which MBA exam is required in Australia?

Ans. IELTS Test or TOEFL – Students must take one of the exams for entry to an MBA course in Australia. Letter of Reference – It is mandatory to send a letter of reference from the university lecturers or the authority concerned, which increases the admission process.

Is Australia a safe venue for Indian students?

Ans. Australia draws most Indian students because of its wide range of courses and degrees. International students of any area can easily find their preferred program in Australia.

How much will an Indian student receive in Australia?

Ans. Students with a student visa are entitled to a minimum salary of $18.23 per hour or $719.20 per 38-hour week before tax) for campus and off-campus jobs during their full-time study period.

Is Australia secure for Indian students?

Ans. Australia is a safe country for Indian students. Relative to other Western developing nations, cases of abuse or offences against students are uncommon and Australia is an open community. Macquarie University boasts a diverse student body of 40,000 students from over 100 countries.

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  1. Ansh :

    how much does it cost to study mba in australia?

    • Isha :

      The average annual cost of an MBA in Australia for an Indian student ranges from 45000 AUD to 822,000 AUD. According to the 2021 study, the average yearly MBA programme fee is roughly 59,966 AUD. Furthermore, fees have risen by 3.34 percent in comparison to the previous year.

  2. Ishita :

    Is MBA eligible for PR in Australia?

    • Isha :

      Yes, Australia offers post-study extensions on a study visa to Indian students in order for them to stay in the country and further their education or find jobs in their fields of interest. A post-study work visa will help you to stay in Australia for up to 4 years.

  3. Piyush :

    Is GMAT score compulsory for MBA in Australia?

    • Isha :

      Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) results are necessary for admission to postgraduate programmes at Australian business colleges. The GRE is not widely used for admission to Australia. The average GMAT score required for admission to top Australian universities is 600-695.

  4. Shikha :

    Is Australia better than Canada for MBA?

    • Isha :

      Canada is an appealing destination to study, as the availability of employment is decent. Canadian universities provide higher quality education at a lower cost of living. Australia provides specialized research training and professional growth, and applicants must pass examinations such as the GMAT and IELTS/TOEFL. Indian students are known to prefer Australia’s September intake. Both countries’ courses are offered in English, making them popular study destinations for international students.

  5. Viyan :

    Which MBA college is best in Australia?

    • Isha :

      According to QS rankings, the following are the top 5 MBA colleges in Australia:
      1. Melbourne Business School
      2. Australian Graduate School of Management(UNSW)
      3. Australian Graduate School of Management
      4. The University of Queensland Business School
      5. Macquarie Business School

  6. Akansha :

    Is MBA in Australia expensive for indian students?

    • Isha :

      MBA programmes in Australian universities for Indian students typically cost between 45 and 60 lakhs. Tuition fees for an MBA in Australia in India can range between 25 and 30 lakhs. However, when the salaries of both nations are compared, MBA students in Australia earn an average of 60 lakhs. An MBA graduate, on the other hand, may expect to earn between 20 and 30 lakhs per year. However, with scholarships for MBA in Australia, the cost may be kept to a minimum. There are several government scholarships available that pay up to 100 percent of your tuition expenses, making higher education in Australia more affordable.

  7. Himanshi :

    Is it easy to get job in Australia after studying MBA?

    • Isha :

      In Australia, it can be tough to break into the job market after completing your MBA degree. But in order to secure job in Australia after MBA, you must do the following things:
      1. A degree from one of the top B-schools in Australia is your best bet for landing a job in the country. Management colleges are known for their internship and placement programs.
      2. It is also possible to obtain an MBA degree from any university in the world and then apply for jobs in Australia via international online job portals. You will need to submit your updated resume and cover letter along with these job portals’ advertisements for jobs after an MBA in Australia.
      3. You could also work for an MNC in your country, and then move to Australia with their international projects.

  8. Priya :

    What is the minimum salary after studying MBA in Australia?

    • Isha :

      According to the average pay study, MBA graduates in Australia earn between AU$85,000 and AU$305,00. According to the QS World University Rankings, Global MBA Rankings 2020, Australia has the highest pre-MBA salary in Oceania.
      Following is the list of top recruiters with their average salaries in Australia:
      1. Commonwealth Bank of Australia: 60-90 lakhs
      2. Barclays: 80-90 lakhs
      3. ANZ Banking Corporation: 60lakhs – 1.5 cr
      4. HSBC Global Asset Management: 65-80 lakhs
      5. JP Morgan: 80 lakhs- 1 cr

  9. Ashish :

    Which MBA is in best in Australia?

    • Isha :

      Following institutes in Australia provides the best MBA:
      1. Macquarie Business School
      2. Melbourne Business School
      3. University of New South Wales
      4. University of Sydney
      5. Adelaide Graduate School of Business

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